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At AsiaLink Inc. we always look at the problems facing the world from different and new perspectives. From there we developed and deliver superior and innovative solutions that add value to our customer’s bottom line. In return they reward us with leadership sales and profits allowing our investors, our distributors and our people to prosper.


A better soil always makes better plants. Our mission is to take good care of the soil because in doing so we are also taking good care of the plants giving them a better chance to grow healthy and produce better yields.


The challenge of our generation is an environment showing signs of human abuse. We believe that human activities cannot be carried out without generating any waste in the environment. We also believe that we can clean the environment almost as good as nature itself.

AsiaLink Group is dedicated to environment cleanup. We provide services in waste management, oil spill cleanup, soil reclamation, waste water treatment, algae control and manure management. Our products are highly efficient, have no adverse effects on the environment. They are not harmful to animals, plants and humans. They can be manufactured, transported, applied and disposed of safely.


Every homeowner and home buyer is dreaming of a beautiful home with an ever-increasing property value. Healthy green lawns, colorful yard and gardens, and strong healthy indoor plants are elements that enhance the beauty of homes as well as add value to properties. We address the principal needs with a line of products designed specifically for household use.

Our household products are developed based on the same principles used to develop our well acclaimed products for farm use. This line of products is made of pesticide, specialty fertilizers containing living micro organisms to be applied on lawn, flowers, and indoor plants. They are organic and safe for children and pets.

Mission Statement: What is our business?

At AsiaLink Group it is our passion to look at the problems facing the world from new and different perspectives. From there, we develop and deliver superior and innovative solutions that add value to our customers and allow us all to prosper.

This value made of anticipation and perseverance constitutes the very essence of our business model. It is in this value that men and women at AsiaLink Group find their motivation and creativity essential to any sustainable progress.

Vision Statement: Who do we want to become?

We see a world where the food we grow is healthy and more than enough to meet our needs. We see a world where the waste we produce can be effectively cleaned up. We see a world where the households we live and grow in are free from any harm. We see a world where the products we use are highly efficient and safe both for us and our environment.

We see a world where AsiaLink Group is the leader in the implementation of biotechnology advancements and in the use of living micro organisms to the development of high value added products with the intent to improve the lives of our customers and ultimately those of our investor and partners.